As with other clubs, the adjustable hosel gives the golfer the ability to dial-in loft and manipulate trajectory with the simple turn of a wrench. Obviously, everything comes down to your fitting numbers, but it would be a good place to start and save a few bucks. All in the how we test page. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. To the chart above please add some club data especially loft and shaft length. B81Smith, my thougts exactly. I believe this club just generates too much spin off the driver for me.

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I sell clubs for every major vendor and some smaller ones. Seriously this club is a total sleeper! Truthfully, the money is in getting fitted.

From out, a bit off line means a lot of miss at landing. Shows that mid-range drivers are probably the best deal you can get. Is it exclusively for use off-the-tee?

Golf’s Most Wanted

Thanks Tony and staff for the work you put in and keep it up. If we had that here I think it would clear that up. We remove blogspam, valueless posts, duplicates, and corporate marketing.


I see Cobra has brought them back so I will be interested in upgrading them as well. Also surprised that the Rogue by Callaway isn’t 1. If this club was replacing a 3 iron in the bag i would want stopping power.

Again maybe I am missing the point, but I am a mygoolfspy guy, so if you are going to put up numbers how about more details in how these are applied to value.

This test and, sadly, the vast majority reveal one pure truth: Has any testing been done with the Cobra One Length hybrid? If you struggle to keep the ball on the greens with your hybrid go try this out. You want your clubs to be spaced at least 10 yards in distance if you replace one and it goes 7 yards farther then the old one you need to change all your clubs.


A sizeable group of testers felt differently, rating the club near the bottom for sound and feel. I want it to fly high and land with a lot of green holding spin. I could go on forever. So many things wrong with your comment. I hope that MGS does this in further testing. Get the one you think looks coolest. I honestly have never been to a professional website where the editors actually argue and talk down to people that disagree mygolffspy them. Based mygolfs;y the distances, I think you accidentally posted their Most Wanted 7 Iron.


A PayPal account is not required in order to donate. BallBuster 4 months ago. We need you to do an AMA session. I lurk pretty often but not always on golf threads. Brad 3 months ago.


What would things look like then? Totally agree with Robert. You provide wantrd lot of excellent average data on the results. After a ton of shots I ended up going with a used M2. These are great clubs for hitting out of improbable lies and their design makes it easy to get them airborne. Kevin 4 months ago. When you shop online consider using our special link.