The mouse buttons on the Wind are also better positioned. MSI builds in two little squeakers on the base unit’s bottom left and right front corner. Aside from that, we only noticed one further peculiarity: The case has been dipped completely in high-gloss , with exception of the base tray, and all plastic components in the wrist-rest area will from now on be designed chaste and without any structure. The MSI stays a bit behind the Asus p with points.

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Get an MSI Wind Netbook for only $349

In particular, the ugly-to-look-at fingerprints that quickly multiply themselves on the surfaces will turn into a problem. Also, the Wind screen has a matte finish which I prefer, but opinions varythe Acer screen is glossy. Unfortunately, various hopes of a performance increase couldn’t be fulfilled.

That said, the Wind is able to toggle between a high performance mode and a slower mode designed to extend the run time.

According wjnd MSI, this should be limited to the international market as well. Of course, in the first test of the new Intel range with the sounding name ” Pine Trail ” in Asus Eee PC pthe big question was to be answered: Also, I use the Page up and Page down keys a lot and they are better positioned on the Wind keyboard. The Wind UUS is a much tkuchpad value. Tkuchpad R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. The case has been dipped completely in high-glosswith exception of the base tray, and all plastic components in the wrist-rest area will from now on be designed chaste and without any structure.


The price will likely also be decisive for the Wind U’s success, which is estimated at less than euro, according to first information.

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For one thing, it netbook a inch screen versus only 9 inches for the Acer Aspire One. The touchpad is large and responsive, but positioned so close to the keyboard that it’s easy to brush while typing, causing irritating cursor behaviour. Dave Winer had a hard time getting his Wind to connect to a couple of different Wi-Fi routers.

The front and back remain unfettered from connections.

The flood of netbooks appearing on the market is showing no signs of abating and the MSI U is one of the latest.

The keys have a comparatively short stroke length and a very distinct pressure point. The Wind U completely omits hot keys.

Download MSI Wind UDX Netbook Sentelic Multi Touchpad Driver

We could record a runtime nehbook about minutes in the practical WLAN test with maximum display brightness and enabled energy savings profile. We’ll have to wait and netbopk if MSI makes improvements. This also applies to the idle mode with maximum display brightness, where the MSI Wind U consumes a maximum of 9.

The netbook is allegedly available for starting at euro. The trebles are much too dominant even at a reduced volume and sound enjoyment can’t be found at any setting. The MSI U doesn’t miss a trick in terms of stability. The Wind keyboard is larger, I find the keyboard on the AA1 to be just a bit small for my adult-size fingers. Please, switch off ad blockers.


Download MSI Wind U Netbook Synaptics Touchpad Driver for Win7 for Windows 7

A quick look around the netbook proves that there hasn’t really been much changed about the given ports, either. You find a correlating icon by the function keys, but pressing neither triggered an optical feedback nor was there a noticeable impact on the betbook, such as the CPU clock rate. It’s recommendable to consider the position to the sun and if required, to look for a shadowy place. Our verdict about this turns out very feeble.

See a summary of all my Defensive Computing postings. Merely the netbook without any special supplies can be ordered in Germany.

The netbook’s soundscape, in particular the always present fancould be an issue for sensitive ears. We didn’t notice multi-touch support just as little as a horizontal or vertical scroll area. MSI builds in a 1. Against Reflective bezel proves distracting Quickly attracts fingerprints and smears Touchpad too close to keyboard.

The range complies with the netbook standard.