I’ll assume it also wouldn’t work with a Cisco console cable. Apr 30, Posts: Something broke inside and it will no longer retain whatever card you put in it, it’s in “constant eject” mode, if you will. We use them all of the place here. A quick look at the gear that I use, everything has female DB9’s on it. Sep 20, Posts: Since they dont make that anymore, he’s scared he’ll eventually kill it..

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Tue May 03, If so, windows will attempt to assign unique device names, otherwise it gets the first available. Jul 1, Posts: Lots of other stuff that doesn’t work, but the Keyspan has worked with everything so far. So yeah, FTDI it is.

I’m using it daily, albeit only with one device. I have one of these that I scored off eBay some years ago: The same drivers installed on a nearly identical machine worked fine. Mar 26, Posts: Never had a problem.

Does anyone know of a USB > RS232 adapter that DOESN’T suck under Win7/64?

Win and R2 have had zero issues with it. Wed May 04, 6: It uses an FTDI chipset. Tue May 03, 5: It would look like it detected the hardware and set everything up correctly but not actually send any bytes.


FTDI sucks, we deal with them on a daily basis, fucking awful drivers, they have recently gotten better but still, yuck. They have good virtual COM port drivers that support a wide range of standard and non-standard baud rates. Nov 28, Posts: The RS cable doesn’t work at all, the IO Gear is heavily glitchy and the Cables-to-Go version seems to have a pretty decent success, though it has glitches here and there.

The negative is that if you want to go around with a serial port you need a larger piece of hardware. Again its isb real solution rather than a hack. Good part is they don’t use an FTDI chip which seems to show up in damn near everything these days.

MCS – USB to Dual Serial Controller | ASIX

Finally resorted to using the physical COM port on the motherboard and voila, no issues. Apparently the Keyspan uses a little more than a driver and it keeps the same COM port setting, regardless seriap which USB port it’s plugged into something I’ve moschiip an issue with, with the Prolific’s, creating multiple COM ports depending on which USB port it was plugged into. Thu May 05, I’m putting in another Newegg order anyhow, so I figured just add it on.

I downloaded new drivers from FTDI, plugged the cable in, Windows automatically installed it, I updated the drivers, fired up the software and bam, worked like a charm. Wed May 11, 4: The only time I had a problem with moschhip when I absentmindedly unplugged the adapter while screen was still active with it. A pair of serial servers work with two devices and cost 9 times as much. After 3 hours dicking around with different versions of drivers for the USB adapters, thinking there was something goofy going on with my laptop, I said screw it and took one of the signs home.


Apr 5, Posts: Formerly an orchard – Sunnyvale, CA Registered: GUCA with the newest drivers from them, works with everything, always has, no glitchyness.

I could cut away the shroud on the Keyspan or alternately constantly carry a short M-F DB9 cable, but that’s a pain. Yes, I could take the aircard out, but since it’s in eject mode, I have to keep it Gorilla-taped in. When I cleaned out the installation by hand and installed the prolific drivers it worked beautifully.