The languages currently supported are: Select the Synchronization tab. Drag the contact on to the CardScan window and release the mouse button. Right click the database file and choose properties. The prompt to try the Data-Exchange Wizard prompt appears. Each CardScan scanner purchased by you or your end-user entitles you to install one copy of the SDK files.

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Contacts will sync automatically. Click a contact and press the mouse button until the cursor changes shape. CardScan Executive c review: Remember the name and location of the text. Logitech’s flagship wireless mouse is finely crafted, offers precise, smooth operation A Publish Form As dialog opens. Select the Reformat Numbers Now button and contacts will update with changes. Open CardScan to the List View.

Delivery Options see all. Corex also claims that the software corrects more than 21 percent more optical-character-recognition OCR errors than earlier versions, but we still encountered a fair number of mistakes. Upgrade to a modern browser, such as Google Chrome.


You must have Microsoft Outlook next to email. The sample programs included with the SDK demonstrate how to do this. From the Edit menu, select Paste.

FLASH is not supported in your current browser click here to go to product images. It does not affect the functional integrity of the device whatsoever. Double click My Computer. Sends to PDA’s and smart phones effortlessly. Add information directly to Outlook Windows only. Opening a return case without at least giving us the opportunity to resolve out any issue with her buyer, hurts us sellers. You can synchronize your CardScan contacts with Outlook.

DYMO Cardscan Executive Card Scanner

Open CardScan and the other application. Do a practice scan and choose a location for the scanned files, and you’re in business.

Each CardScan scanner purchased by you or your end-user entitles you to install fardscan copy of the SDK files. In a few moments, your contacts will begin to merge together.


CardScan Executive 700C USB Scanner compatible with windows 7 64 bit?

CardScan Personal software, Detachable USB cord, corded carrying bag, scanner calibration card and scanner cleaning card. Place your PalmPilot in its cradle, and HotSync. Locate the file that you saved.

Choose Selected Contacts Only and then Next. Highlight the database you would like to Synchronize with and press Open. You can print the front of your business card but cannot print the back. This is an unused display item in the original opened inner box, containing the following accessories: If you need to return an item, please contact us directly. Buying Format see all. Select Card Replace from the Menu. We scanned carcscan cards in 3.