Since I knew they had asynchronous dividers, it didn’t even occur to me that you wouldn’t be able to use slow RAM with a fast CPU clock. I have had 2 systems that did similar things as yours. The voltage damper option should come enabled by default and not at auto that its the same as disabled. The CPU Damper setting in the bios helps to correct for this. Tiny font, black-on-black, etc.? Had to up the vcore a little and all was well.

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P5K premium here tomorrow: I got my new P5K Deluxe and so far I’ve only tested it outside my case. It’s an old one, but still.

Also, was not sure whether to use 4-pin or 8-pin power connector, mobo came with a cap on 4 of them, power supply supports both. Do not I find link. Just use what works for you: Using setFSB in windows also does not make any difference at all.

I presumme that because the gts needs more power that memorez didnt like the memprex setting? Here’s all the info on my system. Is this some kind of strap thing or something related?


Memorex Model MX4210 Optical Mouse

What version did you try? Have seen many get more even temps by tweaking the tightness of their nuts i dont really think it has something to do with the tighness or the thermal grease though it should improve cooling i had those readings with my stock hsf and still have them temp difference with the lapped tuniq.

Is my mobo fried in some way? I dunno if it will handle the same mx42210 X did, because numbers shot through the roof using those settings. This board drops my load temps a good bit and absolutely destroyed bandwidth benches on my G Skill DDR2. The Asus P5K that I recieved had bios version 2. Since I knew they had asynchronous dividers, it didn’t even occur to me that you wouldn’t be able to use slow RAM with a fast CPU clock.

Tried clearing CMOS, and retry nothing A bolt thru kit can have as much impoact as lapping, but fixes different raft of issues. Asus initially releases a lots of different bios, enhancing and optimizing performance. You may try this one which is for Wheel Mouse. Really great thread–lot’s of great jx4210 on settings. Oddly there’s usually a several degree temperature difference even between Core2 and Core 3 which should be on the same die.


I’ve looked in the various Helps and Woody’s XP books for “tooltips” and “screentips” and have not found any references. You may have to Register before you can post.

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No problems with apart from high core temperatures everest, 40 c idle 7x 1. Asus and the P5K bailing on you? I reseated and restarted several times with the same error. Anyone using an X on this board, BTW? Could it be that once this happens you need to remove the power from the system before the error will clear?

I bet that drive actually works. Therefore, never mind the following. Balloons These might be called “screen tips” or “tooltips” instead of balloons.

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I was shocked with the vdrop in this board, from 1. Try to use driver from boards bundle if there’s any. Here is the memorwx crazy part, it booted into Vista!

Thanks in advance for any feedback!