And all works fine until step 9. Maybe it is best to sell the crosshair to someone else, who has the time and the nerves for it. Originally posted by G-orgy:. It would recognize as the “PC USB wired stick ” but when you go in devices and printers and go into configuration it wouldn’t recognize the inputs. Where is the Prize Code option?

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I then used xce app to map buttons etc which worked nicely. Because the time to return the item to the seller has past and still I can’t use the Cross Hair. Nov 27, I thought usb 3.

Super Street Fighter IV 4 Arcade Fightstick Tournament Edition Ps3

I’m sure I read USB 3. In theory the thing should work but it doesn’t seem like it’s even being powered because the turbo lights dont come on.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All I can say is, that it is not working. Please kindly understand our position, we can not just buy all the peripherals in the market, and test it.

Capture Data has been send to you via mafcatz. Want to add to the discussion? If that doesn’t detect your ps3 stick, then sad news. If it doesn’t work in your USB 3.


December 29, It lets you connect to PC and PS4. Last edited by GstringBass ; Nov 27, 4: The Mika Streamer Of Twitch! That should allow you to use a Brooks PS3 to PS4 converter, as an alternative to all that nonsense above.

This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. With my old mobo the front ports didn’t even detect it, but it worked fine with the back. I do all what you wrote in the instructions. I can’t get the turbo buttons to light up either Works fine with my PS3 so it’s not the stick Anyone else with the same motherboard been able to get their stick working?

ReaSnow Cross Hair Mapping buttons in game http: The usb chipset is causing thistry to use madctz front panel usb ports, or some usb 2. I have the same thing how could madcatz who promoted the ps3 fightstick worked on PC when I bought it back when SFIV first came out make such a stupid choice and not release any kind of driver update to enable it to work on AMD or Nvidia chipset motherboards.


Super Street Fighter IV 4 Arcade Fightstick Tournament Edition Ps3 | eBay

And all works fine until step 9. Last edited by D-Proto ; Nov 27, You should have a email invitation now to see the video. Hi, we checked all the data you just sent carefully, and it’s basically the same as the data we captured on our Madcatz SF4 Arcade Fightstick TE. I first tried in on my desktop Macatz. Why does the E Ryu “Sako combo” work?

Originally posted by D-Proto:. Last edited by paul ; Nov 27, I had this issue a while back and if the PC doesn’t have the right chipset madcwtz you can’t get the USB expansion card e.

PS3 Madcatz TE issues. Z77A-GD65 :: Ultra Street Fighter IV General Discussions

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