I f Maverick makes former drivers by design incompatible , their designers are to blame, and indirectly a calculated risk for those who accepts the consequences of teh new OS by buying it. Expect most improvements with micro signals resulting in better space retrieval around acoustic instruments including recorded venue acoustics. VortexBox also natively supports the M2Tech interface, and is incredibly easy to use. We have done it in 6 days, hope that Metrum knows what is going to do. The sum of these properties made us decide to use a modified OEM version of M2tech together with our electronics. Very low jitter oscillators, asynchronous transfer on USB.

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The tone of a well clocked device is deeper, warmer, fleshier, better differentiated and more m22tech. Perhaps not superior to the very best such devices but beyond the elite and farther down the price list it now was very competitive. On a balance beam. The Hex exposed an abundance of timbral information obfuscated by the Micromega unit. You should remove all old crap.

6moons audio reviews: Metrum Acoustics Hex

It also meant a deep, round and quick bass attack. I confirmed this to be true.

The Octave could err toward leanness but the Hex fills you out with flesh and colour. It was less involving. No need for a mouse, keyboard, or monitor. What would be a decent USB-to-optical solution for Mavericks? Have a look at Jaguar. The electric bass that underpins “The Ability To Swing” was abundant with textural information and sufficiently weighty that the song was driven pendulously by its core – er, swing.


Then a few bars of a track are enough to unmask the pretender sound and get on with the new. VortexBox also natively supports the M2Tech interface, and is incredibly easy to use.

m2tedh Soundstage illumination didn’t just rain down from house lights above, the players themselves lit up the song from within. This was an expensive DAC and I feel like Metrum has done very little in the way of staying in touch with their customers ME about how this problem was to be addressed.

Why blame Metrum or even M2Tech? It almost works as the old one and we are planning to add new features like integer mode. Shopping cart Your cart is empty Please add some products to your cart.

I next switched to balanced connections as the Audio-gd integrated allows for it. Think sparkling mineral water flow for Octave but champagne cascade for the Hex. The latter is not without its own flaws but in specific applications can do much good.

A cable for instance can be great for one type of interface while the score is low using another brand interface on the same cable. Pressure and poundage meant that music didn’t hang suspended mid air but was tightly anchored. Now he lives in Berlin.


USB DAC 1 – Hi-Resolution System

In addition, very high quality clock oscillators are used to get Jitter at the lowest possible level. It’s not usual to combine such expensive equipment with relatively cheap gear.

Deselect direct mode and sound! Furthermore, no driver is required for both Mavericks or Linux. Bit-perfect out, with Mm2tech support. But it is really our audio sources that have the biggest problem with this. This online shop is accessible only to those countries where there is not a distributor affiliated with M2Tech.

Metrum Acoustics drop M2Tech as USB OEM, announce new module

I think that it might be one of the best USB receivers I know of. Although M2tech has undertaken the task to develop a new driver that would work with Mavericks, after several months with no news it was too risky to wait even longer. He calls this quality “Tinkle-Beef” — the perfect description for the Metrum Hex then.