Allows you to enable an adapter to join a cluster of adapters without doing any SCSI-bus resets. No hard drives are detected, of cource. Indicates whether to scan for LUNs greater than zero for a device. A value of zero allows unlimited time for an operation to complete and could result in the system hanging waiting forever if an operation fails. Select a menu item and press Enter. To wait for any key after displaying a message, specify Yes.

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If the utility is available, the following message also appears:. Specifies whether to enable an adapter upon the next boot. Device range 0x00 – 0x1F, 0 – 31 decimal. Indicates whether to scan for this SCSI identifier at boot time.

The PCI ID Repository

Indicates the maximum amount of lkgic [0 to ] in seconds to wait for a SCSI operation to fusion-mt. Enthusiast motherboards are primarily validated for consumer peripherals. CHS Mapping includes two settings: It does not boot the LSI bios if any other card is installed. The devices at the ends of the SCSI bus must terminate the bus. Then reboot the system to clear memory; otherwise, the old partitioning data will be re-used, thus nullifying the previous operation.


Boot Information Display Mode. When not an array member, this option shows the physical size of the disk. Indicates the existence of a RAID array on an adapter and what state its in. Saving the configuration creates the array. To exit, press the Esc key and respond to the verification prompts. Last edited by Petrufel; at Three settings are allowed:. Indicates the number of seconds to wait between spinups of devices attached to an adapter.

Changing this item will affect disk letter assignment s if more than one device is attached to an adapter. A RAID1 array is a simple sector-to-sector physical mirror of one disk to another disk. Press Enter, type in a value and then press Enter again to specify a new timeout value.

Two settings are available:. Staggered spinups will balance fusjon-mpt total electrical-current load on the system during boot. This type has two members not including hot spare ; for this type, select Keep Data F3.

Asus Maximus X Apex & LSi Logic SASE PCI-Ex8

Specifies the removable-media support option for an adapter. Of the two different integrated-mirroring configurations, only RAID1 arrays can be created to keep previous data.


Activating an array also causes all the remaining arrays found on the physical adapter to be deactivated.

Use the arrow keys to select the desired adapter and press Enter to add it to the end of the Boot Adapter List. An 8-bit value mapped as follows:.

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Only one array can be active at a time per physical adapter. You might decide to alter these default values if there is a conflict between device settings or to optimize system performance.

Specifies the relative boot order 0 to 3 of an adapter. Indicates the maximum synchronous data transfer rate, in mega transfers per second. So it looks like MoBo issue. With Media Installed provides removable-media support regardless of the disk ordering.

An 8-bit value mapped as follows: