Can you, or someone else, help me to make it work? A lot of excellent work has been done so that you can print here from Linux. That way should my network topology changes somehow, I only have to update one machine. I am a newbie to Linux, particularly Ubuntu. If you do not have a dhcp server, you can set the printer’s IP address via the small LCD panel and the setup menu. Here are some places I visited in order to set up my own printer and write this article: The tech support will not help you, and online documentation seems a little fuzzy and scattered regarding Linux, but once you know what is going on, it is pretty easy to get working.

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Not tried it for the DL printer, but the process for installing alien printer worked for the the mw when I was using the previous version of Ubuntu. Olease have a look to: Hi John, maybe the your deb file is corrupted and you have to download it again.

Konicx assignee Edit question Solved by: I am using Ubuntu Dapper Drake. Otherwise, cups will complain with: If you really want to create a new queue on the client, you can follow what was done on the server, except perhaps change the printer address to the server address.


Konica Minolta Magicolor DL Driver Download | Konica Support

No any driver for Konica Minolta bizhub You will probably want to run your own print server, because of the following characteristics of the DL server software:. If you want to remove a package try using synaptic or following: Can you, or someone else, help me to make it work? The source version is: See your printer manual for assistance as this is covered there.

Essentially, you need to make sure that Samba talks to CUPS and shares out the printers properly usually this is very easy. That way should my network topology changes somehow, I only have to update one machine. That way you won’t have to install CUPS on the client, and you won’t have to synchronize your printers on multiple machines.

minolta 2300dl windows 7 driver

This can be done minota the web interface, under “Configure Printer,” and from the command line with:. John, your first email shows that the package isn’t currupted. Converted from a rpm package by alien version 8. In case you forgot which printers are available on the server, or you don’t remember what they are called, try this:.

However, I prefer to print directly to the server on my own network. Minolta Printer firmware page select the update via network download — as we’re using this possibility. If you have the Gimp on the server, then before you print, make sure you click “Setup Printer But I will show you the command line way.


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It appears the the one provided by Konica is a rpm and not a deb install file. Be sure that you do NOT send ‘-oraw’ output to the gimp. A member of our local Linux User Group created a Ubuntu package out of the patched 1. CUPS uses a monochrome driver by default.

Konica Minolta Bizhub Driver for Ubuntu. The DL has its own server software, including httpd, lpd, telnet, and a few others. ZjStream is just a way to communicate data across a cable. English Edit question Status: Should this happen, the only way to stop it is to shut off the printer, remove all the paper, and cancel each page one by one.

Even though it claims to be supported, you will pull most of you hair out trying. Mark Thompson mark-r-thompson said on I am a newbie to Linux, particularly Ubuntu.