Hi, in the application settings you can select which contact database you want to synchronize. Any way to do that? To define contact groups please use https: Android OS in your phone has several contacts databases and when you are setting PhoneCopy username and password there you can choose which contact database you want to synchronize. Hi I was using lg l7. Hi, there is Single directional synchronization feature in the android applicaton which can be used to synchronize contacts FROM server to Device.

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I want to get apps back to my phone. How do ,obile get them back. You can select single directional sync in the PhoneCopy. Hello, i just downloaded and sync my tecno phantom unto phonecopy, what i needed to do was to backup and save my contact which i hope phone copy can do However, what i got was that all my sms was backedup, but instead of my phone contact backup, it was my gmail contact that was backup.

Please, try to login with your username. Itself ,because of that I have to. Hi, Just upgraded to Premium and downloaded contacts to new android work mlbile. Sorry, your request is not related to PhoneCopy at all. I can not get mobile network on my phone L galaxy note – model SM-NA and it show a “no network icon while I can access mobile data on the same phone what is wrong and how to correct this?


Mobile software download for I-mobile IQ3

I would like to get rid of those, i. Sign In Sign Up.

But feel your request as privacy problem. I just want that please tell me what is the problem in my mobile and give me the solution for it? HI, we forwarded your feedback to our android team to check it there is possibility to solve it in future versions PhoneCopy support teamyesterday. I couldn’t see anything on Thaivisa about it yet. Please help me I forgot my backup and restore password.

Thank you so much. Sorry, but we don’t synchronize notes on android yet. However, after the second run of the application, I see the message ‘Android System WebView not installed’. Hi, what do you mean “auto sync worked incorreclty”?

Got all contacts synced. When you will make next sync all changes will be promoted to your phone.

Mobile software download for I-mobile IQ3 _UCWEB

It seems mlbile be trying to recreaate every text and contact every time I sync instead of just updating the ones that have changed. You have solve this issue with YouTube. Hi, we expect your main computer is Windows PC. Hi, did you have internet connection? Notes synchronization will be launched later. Can you solve this please. It can take several minutes to unlock your profile. By rooster59 Started 5 hours ago.


Hi, I reinstalled the app ia3 it now works. Because you selected “WhatsApp” contacts database which contains only names. But I don’t see the sync option in Infinix X Go To Topic Listing Mobile devices. This behavior is the same as in previous versions of PhoneCopy.

But it can not load. You are correct, it should work correctly.