Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. New posts No new posts Closed forum Search. I’m now using a 40V 12A regulated supply I made a week ago Otherwise – you’ll need it! This is high voltage threat it with respect. The IRF is a cheap i found it for 4euros reliable and powerful power mosfet, it has current capability of 8 A continuous and 32A pulse, V drain source voltage, protecting internal zener diode.

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Proud Mary Fri Apr 24 This is high voltage threat it with respect. Picking some brains, HF HV source. Learn how your comment data is processed.

hvguy-dot-com flyback driver – NEW SCHEM.

One advantage of operating the transformer at the flyback frequency is that it can be much smaller and lighter than a comparable transformer operating at mains line frequency. This signal then drives the MOSFET into saturation, current amplification is provided from source to drain for driving the primary coil of T2.

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I have 3 questions: My question is about the resistance of snubber. You can also find assistance trajsformer IRC, at irc. William Stehl Wesley Venis The aforementioned have contributed financially to the continuing triumph of 4hv.

High Voltage Post here regarding high voltage.

hvguy-dot-com flyback driver – NEW SCHEM.

Mazzilli ZVS flyback circuit Go to page: If the secondary current is allowed to discharge completely to zero no energy stored in the corethen it is said that the transformer works in discontinuous mode DCM. Some flyback transformers do not have this internal diode.

The output will burn you at the same time it shocks you. Van der graaf generator issues Go to page: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Dark Current Sun May 17 General Science and Electronics This board is for anything that doesn’t fit the categories below, but still falls under the realm of science or electronics. The earliest sets used a shunt vacuum tube regulator, but the introduction of solid state sets employed a simpler voltage dependant resistor. This is the ultimate test to see if your circuit works of course.


The voltage in the output winding rises very quickly usually less than a microsecond until it is limited by the load conditions. Z28Fistergod Mon May 18 The cycle can then be repeated.

Avi 12 hours ago. In older television designs, the transformer produced the required high voltage for the CRT accelerating voltage directly with the hvtuy.com rectified by a simple rectifier. Dennis Rogers drelectrix Dr. This web site requires that javascript be enabled. The circuit is extremely stable and highly reliable.

C4 can have any kind of internal construction, but make sure it is really. The external supply output is switched straight into the flyback’s primary through the MOSFET, that means the external supply will be seeing a LOT of high voltage “hash” that gets kicked back into it.

Coherent Fri Apr 24 And almost no spec sheets on line.