You can try to specify the virtual comport as the visa resource for the instrument. Message 4 of The new vi is enclosed. Message 7 of 8. I now know enough to know that I have no clue about anything at all. Try it with each one individually to try and narrow down with instrument is causing the error or if it is only a combination of them.

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If nothing else on the main VI front panel maters while the process is running, you can have the subVI panel open when called and close again when finished.

Message 7 hpp4140b 8. Let me look some more at least I’ll know it if I find it Message 7 of Message 1 of 4. What does it mean when the “poll response byte” is less than zero, why is it happening intermittently, and what do I have to do to keep it from being less than zero?

The other two files. The new vi is enclosed.

Solved: LabVIEW does not run HPB .vis – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Message 2 of 8. Firts of all, thank very much for your response.

I’m not at all familiar with ,abview instrument and you did not attach the driver. Labview does not communicate neither through 0 nor through Despite the fact that it’s a small change, the system doesn’t work either.


Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies hp4140b Power Supply

Could that be the problem, or perhaps something else? Hopefully it shall do the trick for now. Thank you so much! Message 9 of On the other hand it might be faster to learn that and develop a robust program than to tweak your lzbview program to do things it was never inteded to do. This seems like a great example of someone looking at price and imagining that the cost of hardware is even remotley related to the price of integrating that same hardware into a system.

Any labvirw regarding how to lower it quickly gradually, if possible after the shut-off current is reached would be most appreciated. Message 9 of This abstracts the instrument functions to those in defined classes though I have not checked to see if IVI drivers are available for your instruments. Attached are pictures of my code and GPIB parameters.

For an existing solution, consider using IVI.

Solved: issues about hpb driver – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

I get an intermittent error when I read a block of data from the pA-meter. If that is what you want, you could just put the contents of the False case immediately outside the while loop before the Send Message. There will be no additional functionalities, the “real-time” graph is going to be the last one, lol.


HPB I-V with breakdown 4. I went to look again for a link — there are some newer and probably working links, but the most recent ones are even fancier, and I suspect may be even more of a challenge for novices and I’m including myself to follow.

Message 5 of The error you are seeing only occurs if there was an error before you called this VI. I replace it with the unlocked below. Since I am not regular programmer, it took me 2 days to do that.

Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

Don’t forget to configure your instrument Adress:! Message 6 of 8. Message 4 of 8.