More information can be had directly from the Plustek Scanner Driver for Linux homepage. Usually the connections are closed after an operation is performed. Although a driver is in development it is still at the beta stage. Hi, thanks to everyone who has tried to help but this was definitely a hardware problem. However a firmware download is necessary before the scanner can be used.

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These scanners use National Semiconductor LMx chips.

Many people use it under Windows and MacOS in preference to the manufacturer’s software. Only supported for non-SCSI devices.

sane-devel: xsane / HP ScanJet C / Linux

I simply don’t have the time to respond to these requests so your email will go unanswered. The purpose of this page is to provide a central point llinux you can easily find out what USB scanners work under Linux and SANE, and perhaps more importantly which ones don’t.

Microtek have said that the has different internals to the, and zcanjet This scanner used the National Semiconductor LM chipset, and is supported by the Plustek backend.

Having trouble installing a piece of hardware? I have received absolutely nothing from Epson for this recommendation and I am in no way connected to them.


HP Scanjet – Scanners not supported in Windows 7 | HP® Customer Support

I checked the website of Scanjst but no linux drivers were supported. There will be difficulties with getting it working and issues with the quality of the scanned images.

I’ve searched online everywhere; and scanners are a real problem to scanjft working for newbies in linux; and I find much better instructions on other items.

For these devices use the external “hpoj” backend in version 0. Some information is at http: Immediate actions Some actions in xscanimage 1 i.

The scanner is based on the Grandtech GT chip. The use of the preview window is not recommended when working with the ADF. Setting a window to scan from ADF is not supported with xscanimage 1. Go to Scanners Supported in Windows 7 c in English for more information or go to www.

xsane 0.76 / HP ScanJet 4200C / Linux

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Or are based on the National Semiconductors LMx series of chipsets. It scans with the U but the images are unusable. You need to use a 2. If the link does not work, try ftp: More information can be found at the SnapScan backend homepage at http: But it still won’t work. Either no code is currently available or there is only a stand alone utility for scanning images. If you need to reset your password, click here. The backend will simulate this by software, but only for gray and 24 bit color.


HP Scanjet – Scanners not supported in Windows 7

Most of these models are supported by the HP OfficeJet Linux driver project sponsored by HP for printing, scanning, and photo-card access. These appear to be a National Semiconductor LMx derivatives. February 24, The following is a key to the colour coding in the table. More details and source code can be found at http: While they might not be the cheapest option they are by far the safest option.