The results are improved handling, better roadholding and increased comfort. Sideblades are available with a paint finish in matt black, Lava Black, in the exterior colour of the vehicle or — for a particularly exclusive statement — in carbon. Intake air is compressed and then fed to the engine via the respective charge-air cooler. Decisive for a strong appearance: As with every Porsche, the tachometer is front and center in the gauge cluster.

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There are few frills to be found here. As with all Porsches, it’s the options list that’ll kill ya.

Porsche Macan GTS SUV review, pictures – Business Insider

As a creator of sports cars, we love to push boundaries — sound barriers included. It’s function over form. Gitlin Jonathan is the automotive editor at Ars Technica, covering all things car-related.

Sound Package Plus Sound Package Plus, with ten loudspeakers and a total output of watts, delivers excellent sound. Under the clamshell hood, lies a 3. Our designers call it the Porsche flyline.

The two possible contrasting colours of Rhodium Silver and Garnet Red attract attention and mark optical accents — for example, on the headrests with “”turbo”” lettering, the belts and all double decorative seams. The tuning of the electromechanical steering system is what makes the Macan models so extraordinarily agile.


At the rear, they are mm in diameter and 30 mm thick. Reinforcements in ultra-high-strength steel provide additional protection for occupants in eas event of a side impact. However, the seat bolstering proved to bit more aggressive than I would have liked.

An electronically controlled oil pump provides the correct amount of oil as and when needed. These remap the throttle pedal, steering weight, the gearbox response time, the ride height and suspension damping, as well as altering the thresholds at which the car’s traction and stability management software intervenes. The face of every model in the Macan range lays bare the dominant sporty genes of their hereditary l Upon correct identification, the engine start will be authorised by the engine electronics.

Contrasting stitching in Carmine Hc or Rhodium Silver creates an even sportier appearance. Offering a total output of watts and with 14 loudspeakers including active subwoofer, it delivers a special listening experience. Enhanced performance and fuel economy are not the only noticeable benefits: It actively and continuously adjusts damping macah bas PTV Plus is an mqcab system for enhancing both driving dynamics and stability.

As standard, the Macan Turbo comes with the leather package, which emphasises the exquisite quality of the interior.

Like a hot hatch on steroids: The Porsche Macan GTS reviewed

In typical Macan fashion, the sporty front seats convey a sense of height above the road but a firm connection with it. The SPORT button, which is fitted as standard, enables you to select a setup that favours either com The self-levelling function helps to keep the ride height constant. For example, with both of our Macan Turbo design packages. When the car is driven into a corner, moderate brake pressure is applied to the inside rear wheel as the situation demands.


Porsche Macan Turbo – Porsche AG

At the push of a button, the shock absorbers respond even more precisely to the current driving style. The steel spring suspension is equipped, as standard, with Porsche Active Suspension Management PASMwhich enhances both sporty performance and ride comfort.

Typically Porschethe brakes set standards for deceleration. PSM is an electronic control system that maintains stability — and increases driving safety — even a In addition, the trigger threshold for PSM is raised for increased longitudinal and lateral dynamics.

Eash principle, all controls are ergonomically arranged for speedy access to desired functions. Some people will be predisposed not to like it because it’s a Porsche.