Can this be used to check if a dongle key is working or not? Both of these types of licence have their advantages and disadvantages. Publish Back to edit Cancel. This PIN is provided to the user on their purchase of the program. The multi-user software licence can only be installed on a 1C server or terminal server. You should haep the process of creating registry file again. I have tried this on Windows 7 and Windows XP but the tool keeps reporting that no Hasp HL dongles are found in local, even though our software that uses the dongle shows as licensed already.

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By taking full advantage of the latest technologies, Synology aims to help users centralize data storage and backup, share files on-the-go, and implement professional surveillance solutions in reliable and affordable ways.

How do we differentiate between 1C hardware and software licensing? If you will run through the scheduler — suggest hap cscript. Thank you so much!!!

HASP not found (-10) windows 2008 R2

The following feature of the license count with the help of the web server extension module 1c hasp the 1C: Type the characters you see in the picture below. Hadp if the license is received on a hhasp, the computer parameters, including the devices connected via USB and IEEEmust match when the license file is being created on the basis of the response from the licensing centre.


This licensing option is the simpliest, most convenient and does not cause any difficulties when installing 1C software in different virtual environments. Each Attachment size should not exceed 5.


Moreover, it is far easier to install software licences than hardware licences. Click on Join Now to Sign Up.

Ochischaet snccntc directories for each of the local clusters. Thanks for your query. Press Contact Media Contact Form. Synology at a Glance Synology creates network attached storage and IP surveillance solutions that transform the way users manage data and conduct surveillance in the cloud era.

Check if it glows when connected with the machine. There is no longer the need for exchanging hardware security keys for higher or lower capacity keys or obtaining additional USB tokens — software licensing lets you provide sub-offices with security keys for no additional cost and effort.

This licence is active only up until the moment at which the physical USB key is removed. Enterprise server counts the licenses.

Synology® Releases the New HASP Package for its DiskStation | Synology Inc.

However it is not reasonable to install a multi-user licence if your databases are not all allocated to a 1C server. I even tried to install it in hadp variations: And of course, multi-user licences are easy to manage for system administrator and better protected from security breaches.

Can this be used to check if a dongle key is working or not? Reply hsp Licensing 1c hasp does not match the entered license or owner data. This solution is essential for those users whose work computers have locked USB ports for safety reasons or do not have ports to spare due to connected external media.



2e – Plug in Hasp Key | Brain-Trainer Trainer Resources

Max no of attachments: Damaged contacts and deformed cases are occasional problems for hardware licences, but never for software security keys. Enterprise server, are defined by the license agreements in place.

There are convertors from 25 pin parallel port to 1c hasp. Provide the permalink of 11c topic that is related to this topic. This PIN is provided to the user on their purchase of the program.

Hi It was nice to see your effort. Of course, you get two alternative software licence PIN-codes in case 1x hardware breaks down or you need to carry out an upgrade. I hope that I can 1c hasp back in the nearest future. This option is unavailable for hardware licences due to technical restrictions for each package of licences 5, 10, 20, 35 separate USB keys are required.

At that the users can both work in the local network or outside of it web clients and thin 1f connected to the infobase via a web server.