Synology is committed to delivering products with forward-thinking features and the best in class customer services. Of course, you get two alternative software licence PIN-codes in case your hardware breaks down or you need to carry out an upgrade. The HASP package authenticates distributed software applications on Synology DiskStation by automatically running the licensing process and protecting the applications from unauthorized usages and duplication. You can use the software licence on a computer during its whole lifespan. Synology at a Glance Synology creates network attached storage and IP surveillance solutions that transform the way users manage data and conduct surveillance in the cloud era. The alternative option — physical USB keys tokens were used in the past to protect 1C software from unauthorised distribution.

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Move this topic Cancel. You can contact Smart ERP Projects experts at any time, to get your 1C hardware or software licence installation quickly under way, in either single-user or multi-user mode. I personally 1cc never has; success with Windows Update, but this time, fortunately it worked. A bit server dongle supports the execution of any number of bit and bit working processes on one physical computer.

The software and hardware licences of the single-user or multi-user type have a range of differences. It enables launching of any number of the system instances in the 1C: This advantage becomes even more attractive when you take into account the fact that growing companies are always updating the performance of their IT systems in line with increases in user numbers and business data.


HASP not found () windows R2

News and events Published: Press Contact Media Contact Form. Hi It was nice to see your effort. A hardware licence is a physical USB key containing data, that lets it validate the licence through a special driver. Thanks for the update. This PIN is provided to the user on their purchase of the program. There are convertors from 25 pin parallel port to 1c hasp. What are the main differences between using a hardware and a software licence?

But if the license is received on a medium, the computer has, including the devices connected via USB and IEEEmust match when the license file is being created on the basis of the response from the licensing centre.


The following feature of the license count with the help of the web server extension module 1c hasp the 1C: There is no longer the need for exchanging hardware security keys for higher or lower capacity keys or obtaining additional USB tokens — software licensing lets you provide sub-offices with security keys for no additional cost and effort. If you will run through the scheduler — suggest using cscript.

The delivery kit contains several PIN codes. Single-user licences can be installed separately on specific computers, allowing 1C to function on each of them.

HASP not found (-10) windows 2008 R2

Leave a comment on GauravBhanot’s reply. The HASP package authenticates distributed software applications on Synology DiskStation by automatically running the licensing process and protecting the applications from unauthorized usages and duplication.


Yes, the latest LDK driver version for Windows is 7. In either case you will have to reactivate your licence.

Synology DiskStation came to be of great importance to software developers and industry players because of its mature and sophisticated platform and leading market share.

Hi Son Nguyen I am haasp a aladdin knowledge hardlock usb 1.

This has attracted more and more developers in seeing the values of running their solutions on Synology DiskStation. This licence is active only up until the moment at which the physical USB key is removed.

On the 1c hasp manager computer to which the licensing service is assigned, the system: The first main difference is that a software licence is activated by the user at the time of installing 1C, and by its unique PIN-code input.

jasp If you can give me a hand thank 1x very much. This solution is essential for those users whose work computers have locked USB ports for safety reasons or do not have ports to spare due to connected external media. The multi-user software licence can only be installed on a 1C server or terminal server.