Read more about the Arbitrary Waveform Generator. The toolbars are fully configurable through the program settings. Because of all these qualities, there is no better measuring instrument, in the same pricing range and with the same possibilities, for sale in the world. Besides the usual read outs, like voltage and time, also quantities like rise time and frequency are displayed. Read more on the Multimeter Also systems relying on serial communication signals can be tested this way. The following languages are available:.

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A specific application of an arbitrary waveform generator is the ability produce signals that simulate certain external conditions without the need of having the actual condition.

Handyscope HS3 specifications

The auto setup function ensures a proper setup of the time base, the trigger levels and the input sensitivities.

More information on Protocol analyzers The multimeter is an instrument that performs a measurement on a signal and then determines one or more specific properties of that signal and displays these as numeric values.

The hardware configuration is An arbitrary waveform generator is an instrument that can generate repetitive or single shot signals. When using a gauge display, it can be very helpful when adjusting a circuit for a specific property, hzndyscope.

The time domain is used to determine amplitude, time and phase information, which is necessary to describe the behaviour of an electrical system. The software is object oriented and has a built in option that prevents “jamming”. The Online Industrial Exhibition. More information on combining instruments Various parts in the motor management system can then be tested without the engine having to run. Read more on oscilloscope toolbars Related Searches Computer-controlled oscilloscope Pocket oscilloscope Voltage meter Oscilloscope Single-channel oscilloscope Handysfope oscilloscope Differential oscilloscope Analog oscilloscope Clamp ammeter USB oscilloscope Clamp clamp ammeter High-resolution oscilloscope Hss3 multimeter High-definition oscilloscope DC clamp multimeter Compact oscilloscope Portable clamp multimeter Multi-function oscilloscope PC oscilloscope Accelerometer.


This allows to make a combined instrument which will enable simultaneous measuring on all channels of all handuscope instruments.

Handyscope HS3 models

Network support Remote measuring with a Handyscope series oscilloscope with an ethernet connection LAN, WiFi or WAN is so transparent that it appears that the ethernet connected instrument is connected directly to the PC.

The following languages are available: They can have one or more graphseach displaying one or more signals, where each graph can display different parts of a signal. The following languages are available:.

When a quick indication of the input signal is required, a simple click on the auto setup button will immediately give a good overview of the signal. It can also be used when debugging device or bus failures. The number of measurements to be taken is also settable.

A protocol analyzer examines the signals and decodes the information that is transferred. Open the catalog to page 3.

Open the catalog handyscoppe page 4. General The interesting point of the Handyscope HS3 is that once it is connected to a standard PC, there are offered a lot of measuring options which are normally only obtained by using several instruments.


Two sophisticated cursor read outs have 21 possible read outs. Just a few mouse clicks allow to perform a complex measurement.

An arbitrary waveform generator is an instrument that can generate repetitive or single shot signals. The transient recorder measures at settable, fixed times and processes the measured value if necessary. Striking are the extensive possibilities of the cross wires.

Plug in and measure More information on network support Besides the usual read outs, like voltage and time, also quantities like rise time and frequency are displayed. A function generator is an essential instrument in testing circuits.

Text labels can ahndyscope placed to mark interesting parts of the signal s.