May 18, 6am PDT. SCS is only selectable on Expansion ports if the software is installed. Tear Off Pressing the Tear Off pushbutton advances the paper to the selected tear position and will auto retract to the selected retract position after 15 seconds. The operator selected from the list, the XX. A magnetic latch will hold the panel open. Repeat this step if further changes are necessary.

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Leaving the power cord connected may damage the printer or other property. Rotate the ribbon cartridge down so that the angle of the cartridge front to back matches the tilt of the ribbon deck.

Follow the cautions and notices labeled on the printer or marked with icons in the manual. Note Before proceeding with resetting the printer to previous defaults, have a current printout of current settings.

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For example, set the wheel to 1 for single-part paper, 2 for two-part paper, etc. While in the Operator menu, press T down to access Select to Reset. In the default condition disabledthe parallel fault lead will be set to genocom for either of the two conditions, paper out or if in the offline condition.

If the same type of paper has been loaded, reset the print gap wheel and the paper tension lever to their prior positions. Save this manual for future reference. The printer ejects the page and is set to print at column 1, line 1 of the next page.


Two Tally Genicom 5000 Series 1800 LPM Printer Model 5180

Use the following procedures to select a vertical format: Press the T down menu browse pushbutton to access the Print Intensity options. T down menu browse pushbutton to access the Auto If the 5000 feature is enabled, there are two additional settings to be configured. Press the Select pushbutton to access.

Press the T down menu browse pushbutton to access the saved formats. Press the Select pushbutton to access the Enable options. Flash Software Procedures This appendix contains upgrade software procedures.

Some ribbon cartridges have a reinker for longer life. Normally, the Operator menu involves loading paper, correcting faults, and allows temporary changes to settings that have genucom been selected in the Setup menu.

This menu is only visible after using the following procedure during power up: The Control Panel utilizes a display panel composed of two rows of sixteen characters each.

Genicom 5000 Series 1800 LPM Printer

Refer to Top View illustration 500 Step 2, page 12, for location of the print gap adjust knob on the model. Serial Setup will be displayed in the lower right corner of the LCD.

Coax Compatibility will be displayed in the upper left corner of the LCD. The optional selections are shown as a geniom list.


Odd The parity bit is set by the host such that there is an odd number of logical “ones” in the character. Press the Select pushbutton to select an interface type. See Figure If a left margin is desired, it is set electronically through either the control panel pushbuttons or a command sent by the host. Lift the top cover of the printer. The HP Tango X writes the book on bookshelf printers. Their standards and logos are uniform among participating nations.

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Note If all the menus, Operator, Set Up and Maintenance are restricted from viewing, when the power cycle is complete, no menu will be visible from the Local menu level. A complete list of font selections with usage description can be found in the Series User’s Manual.

After noting its current position, push the paper tension adjustment lever down to position 1. There are functional restrictions in this mode, genciom prevent interference with a print job that may be in progress.