It’s a confusing and somewhat mythical area of PC audio. It’s funny, but I was considering the NuForce when I noticed the odd notes on their website about its performance. This is not happening with acoustic nor slow music, only with fast music; in addition I had no problems with other headphones Brainwavz M2,Senn CX and eH Is it really an E7 clone with the same components inside. Reply June 20, Anonymous. That leaves the SqueezeBox.

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They quickly shift their development resources to the next new product. There were no obvious flaws or red flags like obvious hiss, channel balance problems, rolled off frequency response or obvious distortion. Thanks for the prompt reply mate.

The E7 is just an analog headphone amp when not using it as a USB audio device. Price may be a consideration here but not cac hindrance. Here are the 5 quietest settings and you can see the pairs of traces for each are still very closely matched between the channels:.

The chassis is good overall too, aluminum body with plastic screen, stainless steel buttons feel good and press firmly with a noticeable click. Lacks the juice to really drive Sennheiser HDs on tracks that need more gain though.


The DAC itself in laptops is usually halfway decent da days. For the E9, maybe feeding the unit via the wallwart better power from a mains cond.

What Hi-Fi?

Reply August 8, Danz. It’s also a power hungry beast and an extremely expensive way to run small earphones. Seriously was worried I had destroyed my IEMs and my ears. Has anyone seen that?

Reply January 22, juman The output is obviously direct coupled with solid response down to an ear drum rattling 5 hz:. Assuming a reasonable implementation, how do you think that would fac with the PCM2xx chips?

NwAvGuy: FiiO E7 USB DAC & Amp

Daniel September 12, at 2: And there was some noise well above the audible range that, despite being completely inaudible, some might object to. Click here to see takato14’s full review Cable problems are rather common. Ultrasone dax only the minimum of info on their headphones, and even omits important details regarding the differences between them. Couple of nice touches, but pretty standard.

Fiio E7 review | What Hi-Fi?

I bought this little device a long time ago and have never done a review on it. You don’t like the E7 for some reason? In the case of using the E7 only as Amp and portable device fiiio on the go, the result would be volume, but how about the sound quality when used on my laptop or with another source that will take advantage of the DAC?


But I ended up selling these. Can you make any suggestions? Instead they forwarded me a pre-recorded BS response and sent me a ridiculous online form which required me to fill out a huge amount of redundant info I already sent them, I had to actually photocopy my drivers license and attach it to the form NymphonomaniacApr 3, It might also be your Thinkpad just has really noisy USB power. With the E7 running on a 3. Anonymous August 13, at 1: I agree about the log axis.

This is a THD componentnot an IMD distortion product and is due to the rising low frequency fiuo into 15 ohms noted earlier. As a result, their results are often inferior to the original design.