In our review of the inexpensive HP G, we compared that scanner’s scan of a 35mm slide of Yosemite taken in the s with the V scan of the same slide. And film tends to have a slight curve, the emulsion a bit tighter than the base. A blue light indicates the status of the transparency unit. VueScan also has a dust removal function, incidentally, which relies on the scanner’s ability to make an infrared scan of physical defects like Digital ICE. At one time, you can scan 12 slides, 24 frames of 35mm film or two medium format prints. The cover also has a long slit which lights up green when scanning film or slides.

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Epson Perfection V700 Photo

On the main unit, the document table or platen contains the carriage. X Windows 7 bit Windows 7 bit Windows 8. A scan resolution of dpi optical resolution, thanks to an exclusive arrangement for that size CCD A dual lens system that automatically selects the lens based on the resolution required A Dmax of 4. The V is also speedy, taking a mere 12 seconds to scan an A4 print at dpi.

The available plate area is A4-sized and you get up to x dpi resolution.

perfecion Epson Fluid Mount B12B There’s no real reason not to, even at this resolution 35mm scans only take a few megabytes each. And when you dial in the fact that you can scan almost anything you can fit onto the glass platen, as opposed to dedicated scanners, which have a fixed prfection format, it all adds up to make the V simply superb.


Takes up the usual real estate for a full-sized flatbed. But overall, scan quality can be summed up as… stunning.

Cons Software not so good for monochrome film, the wpson performance comes at a price. In addition, film up to 8 x 10 inches in size can be scanned.

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This is a real achievement particularly when you consider that flatbed scanners are commonly seen as the Jack-of-all-trades rather than a master of one. Remember to disconnect its data cable first.

The thick cover is also the transparency unit. But LaserSoft Ai in version 6. We spent 30 years in magazine production, including lithography and platemaking, and have tried very hard to stay away from perfecton since.

A blue light indicates the status of the transparency unit. SilverFast 6 SE – Special Edition is included, SE means that the full functionality of the software is not available – your not really getting anything special. The medium pboto holder gave us the most trouble. You may need to spend some time spotting the image.

You have to walk the frame down, pinching in each fastener one side at a time. It was a pleasing scan, inviting you into the scene, rather than a garish one that looked like it was printed with Crayolas. Though scanning at such high resolutions is complete overkill for most everyday applications dpi is more than enough for printing it’s nice to know that if you needed ultra high quality, the V can deliver. So automatic software repair isn’t always a solution.


Epson Perfection V Photo Review: – Printers & Scanners – Scanners – Good Gear Guide Australia

But we did like the 35mm film strip holder. The film holders use hard rubber height adjusters to adjust how far off the glass platen they sit, allowing you to slightly alter focus. And even more, we’d prefer an autofocusing scanner. But that’s no problem for the V There are no nice curvy lines on the V’s bulky frame; it has an industrial form factor with a minimalist two-tone colour scheme.

Scanner Review: Epson Perfection V

The V’s color is natural, not oversaturated. Scanners tend to have a very shallow depth of field and why not since pefection they scan is rather thin?

Our experience with the Epson Perfection V has been a happy one. SilverFast and Elements both have plenty of built-in colour correction palettes phot Kodak colour swatches to refer to, but we just exported scans to Photoshop to preen them and take advantage of our custom ICC profile set-up for exporting. Even though it has a large Start button, we prefer to control the scan from the software.

Phito big part of the scanning experience — both frustration and thrill — is the software.