The screen is gorgeous, bright, crisp, sharp – superb color. Aftermarket lenses recommended for Pixel 3? Supports all of my SW so far Win7 bit. I’ve not looked at the Samsung yet I’ll go look now , but I expect a forthcoming crop of Win tablets and a flood by the time Win 8 comes out. Does anyone know what computers out there have pressure sensitive Wacom displays? Another thing i really want to check out is the limit of the ram on the Samsung.

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DPReview Awards Dec 2, That will be a fun toy to play with.

I will update this to report if all of this works as I expect. I don’t think there is another slate like with len real Wacom screen on the market. Started Jul 29, Discussions. That’s great to hear.

KrelianFeb 4, I just learned the Samsung also has a Wacom screen, that is impressive. With my HP tx, the 2. The Axiotron Studio Pen is great for use with Wacom penabled tablets, and wacomm two buttons. These Wacom enabled awcom and tablets look like great photography tools. Wonderful to hear – the specs are great Aside from the texture towards the back of the Axiotron pen it looks exactly like the standard Wacom Tablet PC reference pen which looks exactly like [cause it probably is ] the old ArtZ II eraser pen.


Enhanced Tablet Driver version 7.3.4-47 for Tablets, Windows devices and Bamboo Ink.

I must admit I have never printed from it as I have a desktop but do submit to photographic groups for critiques and nobody has said my colours are incorrect which they would if a problem. I started with the HP tx about 4 years ago and loved it and saw the potential and currently own a nook color rooted with android. Bwaldon4Feb 4, I’m more concerned about the capability to edit photos than portability, although I don’t want to be confined to one room in my house with a desktop.

I’m also now considering the Pfn X since it has a Wacom display as well.

There’s nothing wrong with choosing a particular panel technology for its strengths, but the AFFS screen is not what we expected. Did I mention this waclm rivals a desktop tower in performance? Direct connect afford high resolution but wireless Warpia StreamHD was still solid with no lag. Does anyone have any links with this information? I read every last review I could find – mostly prior buyer’s reviews like mine.

DJI Ronin-S gimbal stabilization system. They should fit in the portfolio though. I haven’t been won over wxcom these tablets yet and have an Asus tablet mt which I use for travellling as it is light but have never put photoshop onto it and only use picasa for e-mailing.


With tablets being non-returnable I needed to feel certain I was pwn to get something really great and I have to say the EP far exceeded – I just can’t say enough about it – its not jsut a laptop replacement, it is also a desktop replacement and replaced my iPad2 I kept my iPhone wacoom which still supports the few Apple apps that are worth it. Does anyone know what computers out there have pressure sensitive Wacom displays? My knowledge on processors is very limited but i hear alot of great things about the samsung’s processor and it is almost identical to their new samsung 9 series laptop.

Wacom Feel Driver | Wacom Americas

The best lenses for Sony mirrorless cameras. Samsung Series 7 Tablet Specs I am psyched and waiting with great anticipation! Along with performance, hard drive space is very important to me. Size is a big deal to me and it seems that the ep has a lot of unused space between the monitor and edges.

Samsung is brighter i believe. Share This Page Tweet. View NX automatically displays the latest image captured.