Fri May 09, 2: Thanks for the info everybody. The Audiophile should be fine for recording guitar while monitoring through Cubase. It’s out of the price range. YouTube Channel This channel provides information of the Roland’s best quality electronic musical instruments.

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Edirol UA-1EX « Brad Sucks

Page 1 of 1. Good home studio interface but crashy drivers. Ja-3 you loose the driver, is the Edirol still on the control panel?

Not that I would be able to actually comment on recording. Thu May 08, M-Audio written on a piece of equipment doesn’t mean it sounds good. It has a actual display of the latency in numerical values. Register Products Protect your investment.

Edirol UA-20 Owner’s Manual: Installing The Asio Driver

I will start another thread with the review soon. What about the M-Audio Firewire ?


I never had a problem with my unit drivers. Also, please remember that if you change the mode to advanced once the unit is connected, you have to do a USB disconnect – connect cycle on the UA Live 7 was okay with them.

Fri Jan 23, 5: The one I have is PCI. That’s all it has to do basically. Originally posted by Richard Berg: Does it have ASIO 2 drivers though?

Wed May 07, 6: This driver includes a control panel for editing the UA’s patching, monitoring and buffering. Thu May 08, 7: Aug 31, Posts: This was on a P3 mhz junk loaner computer I put it in. USB 24 bit audio interfaces that don’t suck 28 posts.

Cubase not recognizing USB Audio Device –

Sort of off topic question: Owner’s Manuals Owner’s Manual. Will do a mini review with some pics if one has not been done before. Any lower on that machine and the going got rough. Have you ever tried playing a guitar while monitoring thru an app at 8ms latency?


Edurol you tried on a different computer? Thanks for the info everybody. Did you notice if the period it takes the driver to disappear is constant? Maybe it’s a Windows thing updates?

Thu May 08, 1: Thu May 08, 4: