Abstract gradient blurred multicolored rainbow light spectrum in circle 2 0 4 days ago. Music festival and Lighting stage concept 27 6 months ago. Fans embraced it too; “Shakedown Street” became what Deadheads called the vending areas placed outside Dead concerts. Here are 10 examples. Watch out for Selection and Premium resources, to take full advantage of your subscription! Bright background with party people 61, 1 years ago. Data center, upgrading computer system, slot of memory card,open and close box 1 0 3 days ago.

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Black vinyl record on table 0 0 23 hours ago. Disco music 13, 65 3 years ago.

He took inspiration from their “Good Times,” and completed most of the instrumental track on his own with Brian May later contributing some effects and Roger Taylor playing a dsc loop.

Here are 10 examples.

Disco – significado de disco diccionario

It enraged plenty of rockers, but “Miss You” proved to be a monster hit around the world. Party background with disco ball 3, 32 1 years ago. Frontman Ray Davies coupled disg current music trend with his take on current events.


Guitarist and co-writer Glenn Frey would later claim the No. Abstract disco lights background 19, 82 3 years ago.

Glitter lights grunge background, gold glitter defocused abstract Twinkly Lights Background. Summer dance party poster3 years ago. Bokeh and shiny people silhouettes 58, 3 years ago. Carnival characters wearing costumes 4 0 23 hours ago. People in a concert 24, 2 years ago.

At the time of dizgo No. Disco party background 67, 3 years ago. Wings ended up with a seven-minute disco song shortened for the single release that featured a flamenco guitar interlude, heavily processed vocals and rubber band bassline.

Glowing red green blue text effect 17 2 months ago. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Low Budget would become their highest charting U.

Event poster layout 13 2 weeks ago. Bright disco ball 28, 87 3 years ago. The progressive rock titans were working on dic latest concept album, The Wallwith producer Bob Ezrin.

Disco Ball Background 13, 13 months ago. Shiny disco ball 29, 3 years ago.


It is Ezrin who deserves the credit for turning the track into a disco single. Music festival and Lighting stage concept 27 6 months ago. Bright poster for a retro disco party2 years ago.

Disco Disco () – IMDb

Top 10 Classic Rock Disco Songs. Silhouette of a party crowd on a glowing lights background 8, 63 5 months ago. Cartoonize a Real-Life Character. Disco ball diwgo year poster template 2, 34 2 months ago.

Top 10 Classic Rock Disco Songs

Disco ballDisco partyDisco backgroundDisco lightsDisco poster. Black vinyl record with I love you inscription on table 0 0 23 hours ago. Other bands shunned or dramatically altered their disco material, but the Grateful Dead embraced “Shakedown Street” in concert, often performing it in a extended version.