I’ve got BF working without any errors or kicks from PunkBuster. So I’m just trying to help other people. Punkbuster kick disallowed program driver cod4. Like wtf this is soo frustrating, I just want to play COD4: If bit operating system, download the x86 file, and if bit download the x64 file.

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Habe gegoogelt, PB deinstalliert.

Register, bf2 punkbuster kick disallowed program driver. Message 9 of 10 2, Views.

Like EvenBalance said there is a programme that is clashing with PunkBuster. Cod4 Punkbuster Kicked Disallowed Program. Now I only get kicked from a few servers. Call of Duty 4: Originally I played cod4 using a cracked key and I followed the instructions etc to copy the keygen and run it in the cod4 folder, etc.

Punkbuster kick disallowed program driver cod4 steam. Noticed it messes up cracked servers too. You were kicked by PunkBuster.


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Message 8 of 10 3, Views. This widget could not be displayed. Message 3 of 10 5, Views. January Try this. I haven’t had the error in some time now, but IIRC I could reconnect immediately after the kick message was gone. COD4 Admin; ; posts; Origin: Voici le message d’erreur: Since that moment I didn’t use cheats or other hack programs, only easy. My CoD4 or PB have not given me issues yet on windows 7.

I am also running on my laptop but WIN 10 instead of 7 and it works fine. Tried taking off mouse drivers, keyboard drivers, shutting down all background processes that I could, but kept getting the same errors. Be your own boss!

Updated gfx card drivers all to no avail. I’ve been playing around trying to diagnose the cause of the error so here are my current findings.

Cod4 Pb Kick Disallowed Program Driver – thegreen-zip

After 5 pages of google results Boards Call of Duty 4: Same error, no change. In the mean time I think I may have more of a chance with you guys.


Simply disabling the screen overlay prpgram such as GPU temperature will fix the issue. So I’m just trying to help other people. I appreciate the effort to reply to me.

Dort steht das hier “Restriction: Help us improve Answers HQ!

Solved: PB Kick – RESTRICTION: Disallowed Program/Driver – Answer HQ

If you want the long-winded WHY of this little bug, keep on reading. So I removed 5 programs and each one was leaving stuff behind. Ho tutti i driver aggiornati, il gioco aggiornato, il missaggio stereo attivo.