Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. You can try checking newer versions of the manual for specifics on connecting with ControlLogix. Linx is the better way to go here. I just tell the faceplate the engineering tag number and it At least that’s what the AB guy sells us. I never used gateway and linx enterprise.

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If you’re really good, you can do amazing things with variables and all in there that make life easy.

CLIE gives you a pretty good log file cimplicitty it’s not happy. OK, thank you much. I am running GE Cimplicity version 9. OpenObjects tm – With OpenObjects, users can define structures of points to contain information about a process or device. Plant Edition supports logging to Oracle databases as well using Microsoft’s standard ODBC drivers, eliminating the need for a third-party driver.

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Coontrollogix really anything special here. It’s just under 3 meg. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I’m eager to get started! Don’t fall into the trap of using the built in ‘AB Ethernet’ driver. I was wondering if anyone has some references that could guide me through this process or provide me with the information necessary to achieve this task.


The default scan rate is slow, so you might want to play with that a bit as needed. Yes, you can do this. With autonomous operation of stackers and reclaimers, Binxin Steel will be able to achieve full utilization of the stockyard area, and optimized Original equipment manufacturers OEMsintegrators and end users alike will be able to use the controloogix OpenObject tm technology to create re-usable data and graphic objects that can greatly reduce the time required to build a system.

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GE Fanuc Introduces New CIMPLICITY* HMI Plant Edition(tm) |

I just tell the faceplate the engineering tag number and it So, just load the final program onto the test bench unit and it should work. Packed with features and functionality – including powerful web and wireless technologies – this new software allows users to create and implement monitoring and control operations from a single machine to plant-wide supervisory systems faster than ever before.

The system I’ve got with it has like a thousand points and still works shrug. I’ve certainly done the export and import for projects before, but not with a completely different target. Export points via CLIE and edit and re-import?


Therefore, how should I read the manual to communicate with the Logix? This new one will follow controplogix but will communicate to the ControlLogix instead.

You don’t have to do this, though, but it helps. Runtime client viewers are also supported on Windows 98 and Windows ME. The Cimplicity manual you should have is GFK You’re a scholar and a gentleman.

I’ve got a few hundred points to configure, so that will be a great time saver. Find More Posts by Steve Bailey. This information can be coupled to graphic objects that can be dragged and dropped into screens, making project creation easier than ever. Sorry, I’ve never worked with Cimplicity.

Also, does Classic have a limited number of tags at all? I just checked out the manual and found that it states the following products are supported: