A mostly foolproof way to fix your pb issues that aren’t related to having disallowed external programs is below: Kind of a bummer, I’ll have to remember to turn it off and turn it back on when I’m done, but at least I can play again. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Find More Posts by AncientMan. Iarwain , May 9, There is no way of actually finding out what means since punkbuster aren’t sharing their error codes with anyone. BF2 installation and in-game issues.

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Hah, I guess that’s what a week of graveyard shifts will do to you. I see what the problem is, Punkbuster is not installed! Is there a way to send that info before spawning? Could also be some other program that is running “on top” of Battlefield.

To do this fix do the following: And does anyone have a clue as to why PB is now all of a sudden kicking you for using a video card overclocking programs??????? Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Download pbsetup this is separate from pbsvc, it’s a tool that automatically updates your Punkbuster BF2 file.


Is Punkbuster kicking you? Read this guide. :: Battlefield 2 General Discussions

I just closed Rainmeter Desktop Customization Overclocking ti problems SeathGamingSep 17,in forum: I ounkbuster uninstaed lcore logitech gaming softwareso I will see tonight if it is the issue I’m going to play it a bit more tomorrow, and double-check to make sure that’s what the issue was.

I could play a number of games without getting kicked last night as well, but the first game I played today I got kicked. I’m under the impression that you should check so that pnkbstrA.

Restart Game and the problem may be solved. If the first two slots pass the memtest86 then you idsallowed in the 3rd slot. May 12, Messages: I was getting the update error a couple days ago, so I updated my punkbuster.

Slots 2 and 4 the broken one are not used. Not sure if their is an easy way. Punkbuster Problems Punkbuster can cause problems for a huge range of reasons.

Punk Buster kicks ATT w/restriction disallowed program driver 128017

View Redamare’s IP Address. When is PB sending the clientinfo or when I am “checked” by the server if my PB is running correctly? Check to make certain you have installed and are running PR correctly. Look at this post below for more information: Whatever the hell that is, why would it want a bag of pee?


Dec 23, 6: It was one of the many processes I terminated last night, and was able to play without error.

Just played 3 rounds without a hiccup Sarcasm, bro ; I haven’t heard a thing from PB even after submitting a ticketlet alone any kind of announcement from Dice they’re probably all dancing around nude in bath tub filled with our money, their fingers in their ears yelling “Lalalalala”: Maybe it would be something simple. But that means no overclocks using ATT.

Cant exitthe game lol. Turned it off, finished the match, and finished the next match without a pjnkbuster. Delete the cache data folder for PR.