I’m glad I actually went on the Support forums for once – cause this is great! Gee, it’s been a while, eh? We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. What should I do. Will it work for the Radeon Xpress series?

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ATI Radeon Xpress X – Tech

Radeon RX X Laptop. Will that be sufficient for Unity experience I don’t know.

Under Device Manager, I don’t see the type of the graphics card you asked for. Some strategy games like Age of Empires 3 can only be played with minimal details. AMD stopped supporting these cards inyears after their release. Even Warcraft 3 runs fluently with minimum details. I have looked at the usual places.

OpenGL-compliant or not? | Wilders Security Forums

Samsung RAura T Deesan: Official specs on Satellite LS – Toshibanot much on there though. Mobility Radeon HD And then after all those hours are spent, you find out you’ve done nothing at all. The Industry’s Foundation for High Performance Graphics from games to virtual reality, mobile phones to supercomputers. Thanks for your quick reply. This video nicely represents what I see on my laptop: I have a long way to go to figure out everything I need to know about technical computer stuff.


Anyone with an unsolved case like this willing to test this out? The laptop originally came with Window Vista, and I upgraded to Window 7 ages ago.

What exact error is this for? All times are GMT Just to wrap this up GeForce GT Desktop. I think i’ve found a fix for the issue without using beta drivers. Apr 11, Posts: Originally Posted by Alfonse Reinheart.

I can’t cause the computer I had died Soory, look under “integrated motherboard graphics”. This is the bit I don’t know of. Recently one of the software on the laptop has been updated, and it requires the driver with OpenGL support, hence the software is not fully working, some display is missing, or flickering.

ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 IGP

The mobile versions could be more economic as they offer Powerplay support. Download Drivers Look for “Integrated graphics”.

The time now is At this stage you may be better off replacing it with something more current. Iris Pro Graphics P GeForce Go GT.


You’ve got nothing to lose and try if it openg support.

You can use this tool to check the OpenGL compliance on your graphics card: HD Graphics Ivy Bridge.