The article talks about the tv display “docking” when you try to move it to the secondary monitor, but the article goes on to discuss what happens when the tv display spans two monitors and that it shows only on the monitor that has the largest part of the tv display window. The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. Phenomenal multimedia capabilities; connects to standard monitors and a television; works as a TV tuner, DVD player, personal video recorder, editing deck and FM radio with recording abilities ; excellent radio-frequency remote control; decent gaming performance. The card also does hardware decoding of DVD content for smooth playback, taking some of the load off your processor. We aim to create a safe and valuable space for discussion and debate.

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Because of dual monitor support, ATI has been forced to rearrange the connector layout scheme. It also puts the controls for all the XT’s ownder features right at your fingertips – a very impressive design job.

The remote is well designed, though, and I experienced no reception problems during my tests.

ATI’s All-in-Wonder 9200, 9600, and 9600 XT – Wal-Mart dabbles in a bit of ATI

Yes, that’s right, the All-in-Wonder Pro supports two monitors. Despite all the features of the XT, it’s surprisingly easy to set up. If you’ve ever installed a basic video or add-in PCI card, you can install this board. The company’s All-In-Wonder line is aimed squarely at multimedia junkies, and it has features that will make couch potatoes weak in the knees.


Thank you for your patience. Still, it works pretty well if you want to record say, a football game, or the latest broadcast of the prairie home companion.

ATI Radeon AIW All in Wonder 9600 XT 128mb NTSC AGP 8x Video Card

All times xll GMT Considering what’s in the box and what the card can do, that’s not just a great price, it’s plain amazing. The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures.

It supports all the faster hyperthreaded P4s to avoid frame dropping issues, and it has onboard SATA ports that most drives will work with. The FM tuner has programmable presets and an auto-channel-scan feature, and the radio can also be set up as an alarm to wake you in the morning if you leave your PC on all the time. OBS Studio screen recording and wondeg guid The software bundle is about the same as with the Alll Pro. I’ve had no problems with those PC’s or software.

Can download most anything in almost as good a quality, though usually without the surround sound and subs. Asidefrom the old generation of cards I hear the newer cards aren’t that great,however I was wondering how the All-in-Wonder X compares to the older cards?

Why can’t I just use the same cable for this?

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Also why do the ATI cables include audio input? Those tests show that there is a definite performance advantage over the Pro, and it is almost even with the XT.

Alternatively, you can watch the show in an adjustable window that you can drag wonver drop anywhere on the screen as you work in another program such as a word processor or spreadsheetor as you browse the Web. Similar Threads Graphics cards By hungledink in forum Computer.


The PCIe cards tend to be slower. No reason the breakout box would cause any problems. Log in Don’t have an account?

Aside from some minor software changes, I’m really referring at two huge additions: They were preceded by the still excellent Radeon ‘s which had smaller video chips usually 64MB – which, by the way, I still use. Read our community guidelines here. Video cards ATI Technologies products.

ATI All-In-Wonder XT – The Globe and Mail

I’ll wondsr this review if I can track down a compatible card, jn I’m intrigued by the possibilities of networked multimedia using WiFi to get to a laptop or PC in rooms where I don’t have a cable drop to plug into. Even so, it’s not an absolute screamer in terms of graphics performance these days, and it’s not aimed at overclockers either, despite the specially ducted and fan-cooled heatsink and the overclocking-capable Catalyst driver package. The All-in-Wonder Pro and Pro are the only All-in-Wonder cards that will be equipped with in-box component adapters.

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