Otherwise, it is running and performing tasks along with the Atheros utility. Ok I had v3. Has anyone else had this problem? Yup, upgraded that to the latest version above, and I know about the “Order Profiles” list, too, and it was set up correctly, just not working. A card that doesn’t report the noise is like a car with a speedo and no other gauges.

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Ok after some research and reading the inf file I now see that the.

atheros/net5211.inf Driver File Contents (

If you are familiar with german language, have a look at the german D-Link forum. Dibbet to AxelFoley8 Anon Feb-5 6: Both wander around plus or minus a db over time. It would never work, and I finally realized I had to either disable the auto-select to allow manual connectionor to add the new network to the auto-select list. Very pleased with the whole setup. I am athsros using the. Please email me and let me know your thoughts.

Whilst using the laptop with the device working, I face very frequent connection failure over the WLAN, despite sitting right infornt of the transmitter. Are we seeing the end of the road for the Windows NT kernel?


My noise is always dB. The device will cause my laptop to “hang” each time I use the device.

The driver that I’ve installed, version 2. I know that Netstumbler won’t report noise with the Atheros chips.

The only problem with the drivers on their website atueros that it takes like a minute before their user interface loads after Windows boots up. Thank you for this info. The auto-select list also lets you set the order of preference in which to connect to the networks ie.

[ubuntu] Help With Atheros WLAN card

I’m using the drivers. Dear Comcast, I won’t use your email service It fixed the problem. However, I am curious what these new drivers do tha the old ones don’t. I get about dB extra with the reflector. Also, I can net5121 the device, i.

These problems had caused me much tears and heart ache due to lost work and ner5211 time sorting it out! Thanks for the info. You can fix the issue with the XP login screen by reverting back to the original Microsoft gina dll graphical identification and authentication instead of the installed Atheros one. A1 does its work now. The Atheros client utility ACU.


atheros/netinf () Free Download () | Free Windows Driver Downloads and Updates

EXE displays both singnal level and noise under the advanced tab. I don’t have my laptop with me at the moment, so I can’t tell you exactly where it is, but it’s on that middle tab around the auto-select profiles stuff. By “hanging”, I mean: But it yield no results! Make sure everything is configured correctly before doing the driver switch.

Download selected Qualcomm Atheros wireless driver v4.2.2.7 for AR5001X+ and Windows XP

Are you using the Atheros client utility? Otherwise, it is running and performing tasks along with the Atheros utility. This problem usually athheros within the first 15mins of using the adapter. Whilst my laptop keeps getting cut-off, my palmtop was steady on its connection with no problems.