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Assert.assertEquals TestNG With Selenium WebDriver Example

The following example illustrates that the user validates the default checkbox is checked in the specified site. Locate the element of the “Wrong username or password” label and asxertequals the text of it.

The following example illustrates the usage of assert equals as a validation check to verify the Title assertequzls the homepage displayed for the mentioned site. Travelling to a classroom to take a training course takes time and costs money. Thus, the usage of Assertions plays a vital role in identifying the flaws in the application being tested. Newer Post Older Post Home. To find out more, asseryequals how to control cookies, see here: Experience has shown that writing assertions while programming is one of the quickest and most effective ways to detect and correct bugs.


Different Journeys Let’s make life easier! If both values match then its fine and will continue execution. Thus this Assertion verifies if the object under selenikm is not null, and the passes the same if the result is so.

Assertions in Selenium Web Driver – Perficient Blogs

As i’m using this seleniun “assertEqual String actual,String expected, String message “, so it will through the error message string as given in the method. Learn Junit 4 Framework 5. We do verify the title of the webpage using TestNG Asserts.

How to use user extensions in selenium IDE? Sign up using Email and Password.

Webdriver “driver.getTitle()” And “assertEquals” With Example

If page title didnt match with actualTitle then script throws an exception. Our best-in-class enterprise WordPress hosting platform, expert consulting and support, and diverse partner ecosystem free you to focus on your business objectives.

Learning in a classroom with others means that you have to learn at their place. Although Soft Assertions work in a way different from Hard Assertion where normal flow of execution resumes although there is failure in the asserting script. As an added benefit, assertions serve to document the inner workings of your program, enhancing maintainability.


Pupunzi For a better web. If they are not, an AssertionError is thrown. Asserts that two Strings are equal. Lets have a look for simple Example with jUnit: Test Mobile Webapps with Selenium 2 I am going to introducing new way of learning selenium with expert.

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java – Assert Equals in Selenium Webdriver – Stack Overflow

FirefoxDriver ; import org. Assertions provide a means for users to validate any kind of test.

Verify checks get test results for multiple conditions even if one of them fails wherein Adsertequals Assertions put a stringent restriction on the test script when it fails thereby terminating the program execution further.