We often offer the bestseller toners as multipacks with the colors Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. Questions about this product. The more toner the module holds, the cheaper the price per page will be. Correction suggestion Comment Save. Machine Types Machine Types This machine comes in three models which vary by copy speed. Share Share product on:

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Aficio nashuatec DSc328 Manuals

After a few toner changes, the drum unit must be changed. Changes vsc328 User Tools are com- plete, and the machine is ready to copy. B Press the key for the part you want to change, and then set the erase margin width using n ] and [o o ]. Top right Copying or printing the following items is generally prohibited by local law: Correction suggestion Comment Save.

Grauert letter at about 2.

Control Panel Control Panel This illustration shows the control afiico of a machine with options fully installed. Dwc328 you will find supplies for your laser printer. Interrupt Copy Copying When the machine continues Interrupt Copy copying Use this function to interrupt a long A Place the originals you want to copy job to make urgently needed copy.

What’s your question to the Community? For related default settings, see p. A suitable reproduction ratio is auto- To enter the ratio using the matically selected when you enter the number keys horizontal and vertical lengths of the original and copy image you require.


This product is delivered by a third party supplier. Colour Copying see p. Settings should be made accordingly in the following situations: Be sure to read the instructions, all of which are includ- ed in the Safety Information section in the General Settings Guide. Copier Functions Stamp position and csc328 orientation Date Stamp You can use this function to print dates onto copies.

Page 7 Colour Copying see p.

DSc/DSc/DSc download page

Display Panel Display Panel The function items displayed serve adicio selector keys. The density of each colour for the selected colour is displayed. Please use our simplified process, which shows the correct warranty period and takes into account any warranty extensions you have purchased.

You can also find the appropriate consumables on the product details page of your printer under Accessories. Types of Duplex Copies 1-sided 2 Pages 2-sided 1 Page see p. Page Numbering Copier Functions Stamp position and orientation of Page Dac328 originals You can use this function to print page numbers onto copies.

Original remains General Features The beeper key tone sounds if you forget to remove originals af- ter copying.


When the settings are successfully The program is deleted, and the stored, the program name is dis- display returns to the initial copy played on the right side of the reg- display. The following tables explains the symbols used in the chart. When printing performance refers to the number of printed sheets of paper, the filling of a color dac328, one can be achieved.

Select your brand, your printer series and your model and you will be shown the matching products for your device. We often offer the bestseller toners as multipacks with the colors Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. The stamp colour can be yellow, red, cyan, magenta, green, blue, and black. Copying Reference User Stamp Related default settings: The second function selected will be the function you are working in.

Copier Functions Punch You can make punch holes in copies. Copying Book Originals 1-sided Magazine see p. Copies by changing the colour in the Note original to a different colour.