Has output voltage adjuster. Non-isolated version of above. It is for sure that Ethernet will continue to make great advances into industrial networking. The driver works with COM ports 1 to 4. They can drive solid state relays which in turn can control equipment.

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convertsr Included with ADAM modules. Fibre Optic Fiber optics are the perfect solution for applications where the transmission medium must be protected from electrical exposure, lighting, atmospheric conditions or chemical corrosion. They can drive solid state relays which in turn can control equipment. You can download alarm values bit into the module from your host computer.

1-port Isolated USB to RS// Converter

Prices Australian dollars do not include GST and may change without notice. Non-isolated version of above. ADAM modules stand out because of their ability to accommodate multiple types and ranges of analog input.

You select the type and range remotely by issuing commands from the host computer.

DIN rail or panel mounting. A Windows PC is generally required to configure the modules initially, using the software supplied with the module. ADAM modules are supported by: DB9F on RS side. The ADAM series modules are compact, versatile sensor-to-computer interface units designed for reliable operation in harsh environments. This special design offers higher reliability. This item is phased out, use the next item.


ADAM – 1-port Isolated USB to RS// Converter – Advantech

The direction of data flow is automatically sensed, and the transmission direction is switched. The module can change the state of a digital output depending on the result of this comparison. A fiber with a small core, only a few times the wavelength of light transmitted, that only allows one mode of tto to propagate.

ADAMM has been phased out. Where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapours or liquids are not likely to exist under normal operating conditions. Communications Modules Power required: Current load resistor for current output: With ADAM as a bi-directional communication server between Ethernet and ModBus networkit is very easy to integrate both heterogeneous networks within your factory.

Transient suppression on RS lines. Requires 10 to 30VDC unregulated, protected against power reversal.

Transmission speeds of up to Isolation to VDC where applicable. Commonly used with LED sources for lower speed, short distance links. You may use just one type of unit for many different tasks, greatly simplifying design and maintenance.


Jump to other pages: They translate analog data into one of the following formats: Transient suppression sr485 RS data lines.

Programmable Alarm Output Analog input modules include high and low alarm signalling. Event Counter On-board event counter can count to 65, transitions on the digital input.

A fiber with core diameter much larger than the wavelength of light transmitted that allows many modes of light to propagate. After the modules receive a request from the host, they send the data in the desired format over the RS network.